Lord's Acre History
A fall tradition since 1952


Lord's Acre History; From the memoirs of Herman Literal...

     In 1952, a group of men in the McCordsville United Methodist Church decided to establish a fund drive that wouldn't be taxing to the people and still wouldn't fade out overnight. Some investigation took place at other churches and communities and the Lord's Acre was born in this community. This being (at that time) mostly a farming community, it was decided to give to the church the proceeds of one acre of harvested grain. Since the harvest is in the fall of the year, a Harvest Festival seemed the best time to present this to the Lord's Acre Fund. To those who were not farmers, other methods were set up by individuals to their own liking. For instance, the grocer gave the money collected in his Coke machine.  One lady who raised chickens and sold eggs gave the income received for Sunday eggs. Some men decided on giving the first hour's wages earned every Monday morning.  A Lord's Acre bank account was started and as it grew, this group of Methodist Men (with a lot of help from their spouses) began to prosper and thus started procedures towards building a much needed parsonage as well as a program for future maintenance of the church. A two-day festival was held with a Fish Fry beginning on Friday evening.

     Every festival and parade needs a queen and this honor was bestowed on a young lady of the congregation who had shown her interest in church and Sunday School activities throughout the year and chosen by the Methodist Men. The crowning of the queen was the highlight of Friday evening along with free local entertainment. Saturday's special has always been chicken and noodles for the noon meal along with fish, etc.  This was followed by a parade of floats and projects, then a band concert from the local high school and continuing with the Fish Fry and more entertainment on Saturday night. One of our Saturday highlights is a Community Auction on Saturday afternoon. For the past several years, the United Methodist Women have made a quilt to be auctioned at this time. Once again, there is interest in a Saturday morning parade and rented craft booth spaces for those desiring to display and sell their crafts.

     Having the festival entails a lot of hard work by everyone, but an abundant amount of fellowship and fun, faithful giving and our true faith in God prevail. Housing being what it is today we were able to make a change in our parsonage and purchase a house across the street for that purpose. In the meantime, we sincerely hope to continue with our Lord's Acre Festival and combination home-coming activities and shall always remember those who are no longer with us in body but will always be with us in spirit.

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