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Pastor daniel payton

Hello, My name is Daniel Payton and I’m the lead Pastor of the McCordsville United Methodist Church. I hope you are finding our website to be both educational and inviting. As the Pastor of the McCordsville UMC I can say that a strong point of this local church, is it’s inviting and welcoming nature. I can assure you, if you so decide to come and worship with us, you will be welcomed with open arms (not smothered). Something else our church gets, is love. We believe that Christ in his sacrifice upon the cross revealed to the world just what love is -- unconditional and life changing.

A few ways that we as a congregation share this love is through our Community Dinners, Community Breakfasts, and Community Thanksgiving Meal. All three of these meals we offer to all in our community are what we call “free will offering.” What does that mean? Well it’s church lingo for, pay what you can. Nothing is required, but if someone feels so led we use their donation so that we can keep the meals a coming. The dinner and breakfasts are once a month, where the Thanksgiving dinner is, you guessed, just before Thanksgiving. We believe that in these meals we offer a tangible, palpable offering of not just food, but God’s Unconditional Love.

So, there’s a little about the church. We love to feed people. But who am I? What about me? I’m currently 35 years old (writing this in 2017). I have a family: wife named Sarah, son named Carter (he’s going on 2), and a daughter named Emily (she’s going on 7, or 16 you decide). Our family also consists of four four legged critters, Elmo and Zoey -- both Shih Tzu dogs, and Buddy, a Siamese cat and MacKenzie, a Maine Coon cat. Beyond my incredible family, I have a passion for gardening. This year I planted some 40+ tomato plants and 30+ pepper plants. Love to garden.

Beyond that? I was ordained in the United Methodist Church back in 2014. I’ve served numerous churches in Indiana: Lanesville, Zoar, Patoka, and Riverside United Methodist Churches. I have a great passion for seeing things grow, be it my family, my garden, or the church that I’m serving. To me, growth is something that God longs to see in our lives and in his Kingdom.

What do I believe? I believe every single person on the face of this planet needs to know Jesus Christ in a personal and real way. I believe we all desperately need God’s grace. Why? Well, each and every single one of us is a sinner, that needs the grace of God for forgiveness. I believe that all people, no matter their background or story, should be loved in Christ like,  unconditional ways. I believe there’s a hurting world crying out for what we the church have to offer: Jesus.


So, that’s a little about me. Now is an incredible time to be a part of the McCordsville UMC. We are a growing church in a growing community. Hope to see you soon.


tim murfin - Worship/music leader

McCordsville United Methodist Church is privileged to have Mr. Tim Murfin as our Worship Leader.  A position he has held since 2014.  Tim and his lovely wife Jill, who most weeks, can be found playing the piano at our church, have been attending McCordsville United Methodist Church since 2012.

In addition to being our Worship Leader, Tim serves as Choir Director and as Chairman of the Worship and Praise Team. 

As you can tell, Tim does a lot for our church and for those efforts we are all very grateful.  It is only fitting that Tim finds his life verse in Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."

Though naturally gifted in music and choir, Tim is a graduate of Welch College in Gallatin, Tennessee where he studied Church Music and Christian Education.  We are blessed to have someone with Tim’s educational background as he has brought us many new experiences through music and hymn that have helped our church to grow.  Not only has our choir box filled but our congregation has increased as people come from all over just to listen to our beautiful choir under Tim’s direction.

In his free time, Tim enjoys spending time with his three sons, playing piano, singing and being a big sports fan of the Indianapolis Colts, Pacers and Cincinnati Reds.  But Tim’s most enjoyable free time is with his adoring wife Jill, who serves alongside Tim on the Worship and Music Team. Jill’s beautiful piano playing can be heard most every week as a part of our worship service.  McCordsville United Methodist is so very blessed to have both Tim and Jill.  Please be sure to stop by and say hello.


sarah berry - lay leader

An effective lay leader functions as the primary representative and role model of Christian discipleship and faith lived out in the church and in daily life.  The lay leader works with the pastor to fulfill the mission and vision of the congregation.

Our lay leader, Sarah Berry, has more than fulfilled this and the other visions of our congregation since accepting the position in 2014.  In her role as a church leader, Sarah has also been very instrumental in the acclamation of our new pastor to the church.  Our pastor relies on Sarah to assist with any activities at the McCordsville United Methodist Church. 

The lay leader also engages in spiritual practices that build a relationship of attentiveness to God’s will and direction.  Sarah has accomplished this through ministries that build discipleship such as our annual Vacation Bible School, teaching of children's Sunday school and consistent participation in Bible study and book reading groups.

Besides currently serving on the church council, Sarah’s prior church engagements have been with the finance committee, worship committee, the pastor parish committee (previous chair), interim president of the United Methodist Women’s group and co-chair of the Lord’s Acre silent auction.  Sarah also, at present, coordinates our team of volunteers for weekly liturgist, sings in the choir, contributes to our fellowship dinners, and frequently participates with the Outreach/Service/Missions committees, along with greeting our visitors with a warm and welcoming smile.

It was the familiar, friendly feel of “home” that attracted Sarah to McCordsville United Methodist Church in 2003.  It was the warm familiarity of the small, rural Ohio, Methodist church that Sarah, and her sister Trelia Craft, had been raised in, that drew her at once.  Sarah joined in 2005 and Trelia followed at Sarah’s encouragement in 2008.  Both are a warm and welcoming presence at the church.  Please don’t miss the opportunity to meet them.

In her lay leadership at McCordsville United Methodist Church Sarah helps to cultivate a home church atmosphere of unpretentiousness, openness and friendliness to church family, guests and newcomers alike.  These being the characteristics of Jesus Himself, and the qualities that she strives in her laity to invite others to know in Him.  Sarah’s choice of lay leadership and her other investment of tithing her time into our church is because as the world proceeds into a more tumultuous future, she recognizes the responsibility of the lay leader in keeping McCordsville United Methodist Church and it’s congregation a solid presence in the community.  Sarah’s involvement in our church have shown that we will always be a haven of comfort and welcome where people of all ages from young to old can come to better know and relate to our living God.

And from Sarah personally comes this; “As we all grow in our personal relationships with our loving God, I pray too that McCordsville United Methodist Church's mission focus will continue to expand, to impact the larger community.  It is wonderful to be part of a church that so generously extends God's love and grace to meet the needs of many others.  One thing becomes clearer and clearer to me, I see that our church is not just working to perpetuate the future of the Kingdom of God, but that we are already firmly grounded in it.  It is here, and we are in it!”

 Left to Right: Susie, Trelia and Sharon

Left to Right: Susie, Trelia and Sharon

Office Staff

Among our many volunteers, we are blessed to have three volunteer secretaries to keep the office running smoothly. They produce our Sunday Bulletin, maintain our membership information, calendars are kept up-to-date and church directories are produced annually.  These are just a few of the many things the wonderful ladies do to serve their church and community.